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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doo Bee Doo~

Did you hear the news on the radio today?
People have agreed to give their love away
I can't wait to be there in line!
Politicians have agreed to honour and obey
They'll come down and listen to what the people say
I can't wait to be there in line, no no!
Children will play in the streets
Loving everyone they meet
Open hearts will be the rhythm of the day
Neighbours will greet each other
Sisters and the brothers
Even enemies will come to be friends
I can't wait to be there in line
If you are ready
Feel free to come around
If you are ready
Vem ca amigo, irei levar-te la
If you are ready...
Say you want to live and grow in kindness every day
Say you know the meaning of love
See every person that you meet
As every you and every me
And then I'll know you feel the rhythm of love!
I can't wait to be there in line, no no!

Great song! great voice! Love it! :)


Edy Zaidi said...

layan gak lagu ni

AMiechanism said...

hehe you're welcome x)