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Terima Kasih :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

farewell party of iium fm

:: Dengan Nama Allah yang maha Sempurna ::

salam alaik.

we had a farewell party at IIUM FM county office last week.
it was a farewell for our beloved lecturer cum : boss, father and friend.
he left us for amonth.
going back to US,
meeting his family there.

papa Jo,
our best wishes go with you..
may u hav days full of laughter and happiness there..
u'll b missed by everybody sir!
heart u!

opening face. as usual.. :P

working hard

sacide making turkey kebab for me.. thanx dear!

eating tyme~

happy fathers day Papa Joe..

pulut kuning~


me. hee~

till then peeps!
i will back to my hometown tonite.
home sweet home!! :)


Uruchimaru @ kf said...

ceria betul anda !

psst tagmu sda ku selesaikan,hrp puas hati dgn jwpn kita ok!

sekian terima kasih..hee ^-^

eliana_adnand said...

hee~ hidup mmg perlu sentiasa ceria.. kn? :)

tq jwp tag kf!

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