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Monday, January 7, 2013

bertemu kembali :)

hye there!

Ya, its such looongggggg time ago i opened this blogger page and start to write all over again.
hewhew. well, being busy shouldn't be an excuse rite. I know, its soooo lame. muahaha
but, thats the only excuse i had for abandoned this lil' kingdom. :p

Am i still having my reader out there? i guess not. hiks. anyway for those who r still luving to read this lil story bout my life, thank u very much. I appreciate that. thank u for those did asking me , bila nak update blog, missing my writing n everything, *wahhh. poyo retis giteww. hahah* thank u guys. i'm not sure even u guys still waiting my update. sokay, watever it is, this blog will not be abandoned again. *konon* haha.

well, life is changing. i'm now having a commitment to my my job, my family n my future husband. hiks :p
as my latest update, on MAY. *what??? that was 7 months ago! hahahaha.* i'm facing new life which being a reporter. yeah, reporter. specifically, i'm in political department, which i need to report a political news.
Thats boooriiinggggg. hahahahaha. but i luv challenges. 

so far masih mampu nak ngadap story politik walaupon kadang-kadang rasa muak. but, believe me, kerana MUAK itu la, i decided to do my master soon n its about politic! hahahah
benar kata orang tua, jangan membenci, pasti nanti menyukai. *giteewww* :p

Alhamdulillah, too many things happened in my life recently :) syukur kepada Allah yang Maha Penyayang, Maha pemberi kekuatan. Thank U Allah.

So, Happy New Year to all readers n bloggers. Live ur life to the fullest :)
see ya next post. InsyaAllah :)

1 comment:

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